2b. Understanding Target Learners

2b. An understanding of your target learners

NOTE: For each piece of evidence below, you will find embedded an associated description and reflection.

Evidence and Reflection

  • Use of Word Clouds to Understand Target Learners
    • While I have reflected on the benefits and constraints of Word Clouds in section 1a, here I outline how the use of this learning technology has impacted on engagement in large-class teaching and developing an understanding of students’ current knowledge.
  • Use of Google Forms to Establish Confidence of Skills- Benefits, Constraints and Reflection of Use
    • The above describes how after identifying a gap in practical skills as physiotherapy students move from year two to year three, I utilised learning technology (Google Forms) to survey the students’ confidence in skills. This impacted on the subsequent tutorials to better inform the students of their learning gaps, and provide focus of teaching for the lecturing staff.
  • Review Tutorial Quiz
    • While this blog post also aligns primarily with Core Area 4 (Communication and Working with Others), it reflects on the development of a formative assessment that impacted on the direction of tutorials in the associated week of teaching.