1c. Supporting Deployment

1c. Supporting the deployment of learning technologies

NOTE: For each piece of evidence below, you will find embedded an associated description and reflection.

Evidence and Reflection

  • Deploying and Supporting the Use of 360 cameras
    • While this blog post relates to posts in Core Area 1a (Understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technology), this post outlines a reflection on how I have supported and deployed the use of the learning technology (360 cameras and Seekbeak) within the School.
  • Have you ever thought IFTTT…?
    • While this blog post also aligns primarily with Core Area 1a (Understanding of the constraints and benefits of different technology), it does outline how I have provided “tips” and a “How To Video” to minimise duplication across social media for staff.
  • Providing Technical Support: Development of How To Video for Staff Claims
    • The above email outlines how have developed a “How To Video” for staff to complete claims. Due to confidentiality, the video is unable to be provided here.
  • Providing Support for the Deployment of Adobe Forms Tutorials for Students
    • The above link is a “How To Video” was developed to support clinical administration staff who had identified inconsistencies in students’ submission of a form (“Fitness to Practice”). This was based on verbal and email conversation with the administration team. A revised version has been uploaded for the purposes of CMALT (therefore “view” count will not correlate to internal server views of the video
  • How To Guides