Future Plans


As of 30th September 2018

In recognition of my interest in the development of learning technology in healthcare education, there are a number of opportunities that I have committed to at the time of writing:

  • 2018, October- ASCILITE Spring into Excellence Research School. I have recently been accepted into the Research School which will be held on 17th- 19th October at Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia. The aim of the event is to:
    • Provide support and guidance to participants in developing and progressing Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) research initiatives (formulating a project, collecting appropriate data)
    • Enable opportunities for participants to link with like-minded collaborators from other universities and potentially to establish viable cross-institutional research collaborations.
    • Guide participants in developing a grant application or research plan for a TEL research project.
  • 2018, ongoing- Curriculum Review. In August I took on the Physiotherapy Programme Leader- Curriculum role, which includes leading the Curriculum Working Group. While some activity from the group has already been reported in this Portfolio, ongoing work will include reestablishing the Programme’s Values and Educational Goals and Learning and Teaching Philosophies which will then be guided by appropriate pedagogy and learning theories as we develop the programme framework and content.
  • 2018, November/ December- PhD. Following the aforementioned Research School, and recent submission of a literature review (IN PRESS), I will finalise my application to enroll in a Ph.D. programme. The focus of the Ph.D. will encompass the use of mixed reality in healthcare higher education.
  • 2018, ongoing- CMALT CMOOC Participation. As of the 28th September, I will be an active member of the fourth installment of the CMALT CMOOC run by Dr. Thomas Cochrane (Senior CMALT). It was my initial involvement in the second iteration of the CMALT CMOOC that I was prompted to consider applying for CMALT accreditation and have provided some input with the third iteration.